Bob on set with tiny lenses.
About BoB

Robert J. Pennington

I am a photographer with over thirty years of experience with a passion for the creative and technical details of my craft.

I had the great privilege of studying under some of the best working photographers around like Ruth Bernhard, John Telford, Joseph Marotta, Don Busif, and Ernst Haas. Early in my career I worked for Borge Anderson and Associates in Salt Lake City while attending the University of Utah where I received my BFA. I had the pleasure of assisting Borg on large commercial shoots and processed film and prints for well known photographers and even crime labs. I also assisted many professional photographers, including well known sports photographer, Laurie Adamski Peek, on the field and courts of pro ball.

When I moved to Seattle, I was working in digital photography when it first came about. As an early adopter, I jumped at the chance to shift from film to digital, and loved the technical challenge it brought about. I worked in photo labs and handled all types of digital printing and scanning processes. It would change my workflows in drastic ways and like many of my colleagues, our methods seemed to change on a dime as software and camera companies evolved over the years.

Later in my professional career I produced photography and video for manufacturers, heavy industry, products, food, autos, scientific equipment, fashion, and a few celebrities thrown in. Every job presented a new challenge and new ways to learn.

Now, after a lifetime of working for others, and what seems like having taken millions of photos, I’m currently exploring what I call, “one-offs.” One photo taken on film, processed, printed, and embracing new technical challenges in my personal work. Reaching back to my roots, I have become passionately interested in historical processes and in the concepts of photography’s foremost inventors.

Bob Pennington, photographer

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